Lamborghini Curses the World With Topless Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Front

Did you love the Lamborghini Veneno like I didn’t? Well then, today’s your lucky day, because Lambo has announced the production of a completely roofless version that will unleash another nine Aventadors with a bodykit onto the world. The Aventador and its Veneno cousins share a 6.5L V12, which makes 750hp in the limited production cars and 700-720hp in the pedestrian Aventador. $4.5 million is the cost of this Beast, but eccentric billionaires won’t likely care about the sticker as long as they have something that nobody else in the Hamptons/Dubai/Monaco has. And therein lies the Veneno Roadster’s target market: those craving a unique product above any car objectively or subjectively better than a Veneno. Maybe no comparison matters, because after all, even though topless cars are meant to be seen in, none of these cars will see the light of day save for the short trip from trailer to climate-controlled storage space.

Lamborghini has blessedly opened the floodgates to production with this roadster version of the Veneno coupe. While the enclosed model was limited to an ultra scarce three units, the headless wonder will add another nine to the Veneno line. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of three voices wailing in despair, those owners of the hatted Venenos, as they realize the exclusivity they paid for is now nil. Their coupes are now practically worthless with the expansion of the brand, and now there is an average of 0.061 Venenos in every country on Earth, compared to the old average of 0. 015. And what if Lamborghini decides to make a shooting brake? Such a production model could increase the number of Venenos well past a baker’s dozen, and the value of Lamborghini’s once-exclusive hypercar could collapse.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Rear

I’m an ass man when it comes to cars, and the Veneno’s has always been lovely. Cheese grater ground effects. Bunk bed exhaust pipes. Air outlets and downforce-inducing kit made entirely of triangles and pentagons. The rear looks like it will mangle the front end of the car unfortunate enough to accidentally tap it in traffic. The front end is an unfortunate mess, as if Lamborghini was inspired by the slantnose Porsche 930 and then beat the hood mercilessly with a sledgehammer.

As with the coupe, the Veneno Roadster is a ridiculous Lamborghini that sounds great on paper but whose execution doesn’t stir my emotions the way a Lambo should. Italian supercars form Sant’Agata Bolognese should make me salivate, not make me apprehensive about how stupid I would look driving one.

Photos courtesy of Lamborghini


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