Honda, Renault, and Mercedes Unveil Formula 1 Turbo V6 Engines

Honda 2015 Formula 1 Pic

As previously reported, Honda is returning to Formula 1 in 2015 by way of supplying a turbo V6 for McLaren after the team retires the Mercedes engine after next year. Two days ago, Honda released an audio clip of the new motor revving. It’s no V8, but this isn’t an Accord six cylinder either. The turbo-6 makes it into McLaren’s 2015 car, which will most likely be called the MP4-30 if current naming trends continue.

The video of the Honda engine is below, along with previews of the 2014 Mercedes and Renault engines.

2015 Honda Formula 1 Engine

2014 Renault Formula 1 Engine

2014 Mercedes Formula 1 Engine on the Mercedes Simulator


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