The Ron Burgundy Ads for the Dodge Durango are Brilliant

“It Comes Standard”

Most advertisements for cars are produced by a marketing team or agency that just doesn’t understand their consumer (Lexus December to Remember, because everybody gets a white, high priced Toyota for Christmas!), or the ads themselves are vague and unrelatable (Acura’s amazingly lame Made for Mankind) or replay the same old tropes that we’ve seen a million times before (a car on a windy road, exhaust note swapped for that of an F1 car. Genius!). Some you can imagine are produced by old, out of touch guys that have a tenuous grasp on what’s cool. “Those kids like that Scrillecks and hip hoppers, right? Let’s show those youngsters how cool the 2014 Corolla is!” That might not be verbatim, but that’s undoubtedly how that ad was pitched. Lincoln’s crowdsourced Jimmy Fallon ad for this year’s Super Bowl was particularly awful.

There have been a few notable exceptions, as there usually are: the Mercedes CLA ad with Willem Dafoe. Volkswagen’s Darth Vader “Force” ad. The Dodge Dart ads showing how to build a great car. And now the Ron Burgundy ads for the Dodge Durango. Jalopnik claims that Will Ferrell shot 70 ads promoting the full-size Durango SUV (which I can honestly say is the best SUV I’ve ever driven, although I’ve only piloted 5 in my entire life) as well as the upcoming Christmas release of Anchorman 2. The spots are funny not only because of Ferrell’s loud, brash character but also the subversive nature of a few when Burgundy makes fun of typical car ads by touting the virtue of a STANDARD glovebox. The spots released so far are cataloged here.


“Gumball Machine” (my personal favorite)

“Ballroom Dancers”

“Lie in Wait”

“Staring Contest”




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