Alfa Romeo 4C Release Info: Sports Car Will Return in Q2 2014 at a Price of $54,000

Alfa Romeo 4C Mountains

The hilariously beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C that is expected to reboot the Italian brand in America has finally been given a release schedule and price: Road & Track has confirmed that the midengined sports car will be coming to our shores in Q2 2014 and will start at $54,000. That means the miniscule two seater rings in close to the price of its nearest competitor, the Porsche Cayman, and is significantly more expensive than other open-air heavy hitters like the Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4. With 240hp, the 4C’s engine is either equal to or slightly less powerful than the motors powering the seasoned veterans from Germany. So what makes the 4C worth the purchase if it is less potent and less renowned than its contemporaries? At only 2,200lbs, the 4C makes those other coupes and roadsters look like they were caught in the middle of a hot dog eating contest. With a chassis nearly made entirely of carbon fiber, the 4C is certainly not a midlife crisismobile for accountants and realtors. It is made for attacking corners with reckless abandon as onlookers gawk with seemingly detached jaws. It is a Lotus Exige that can actually be driven on the road.

Although slightly bigger than the Exige, the 4C only weighs in at about 100lbs more than the featherweight Lotus. It is slightly slower than the Exige 240, with 0-60mph arriving in 4.5 seconds rather than 4.0. There’s a tradeoff then, between performance and practicality. Plus, there’s the not insignificant fact that there are no new Lotus Exiges in the United States.

The 4C ships with only a six-speed dual-clutch transmission to push the car through the rear wheels, but that is hardly surprising in this day and age, and especially with a limited supply sports car. The transmission works in harmony with a “DNA selector” that allows the driver to select from a variety of shift and drive settings depending on surface conditions and weather; it will help keep the 4C planted on the road during bouts of inclement weather.

We first previewed the Alfa Romeo 4C in February shortly before its debut at the Geneva Auto Show.

Photos courtesy of Alfa Romeo


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