850HP Brabus S-Class is a Leather-Bound Rocket Sled From Hell

Brabus 850 iBusiness Front

For the vast majority of Mercedes-Benz drivers, the area under the hood is a dirty, dirty place not to be explored unless one of the hundreds of electrical systems that control the car’s every conceivable function has failed. For most, the entry level motor, whether it be turbocharged 4 cylinder or twin-turbo V8, remains in place to waft drivers from Point A to Point B as effortlessly as possible. For those looking to step the performance game up a bit in their luxosedans, in-house tuner AMG offers a variety of beefed-up motors that transform Mercedes cruisers into muscle cars; from the CLA45 at the low end to the mighty S65 at the top, every model in the Mercedes line has the option of a high performance engine. But what happens when 621hp in the S65 AMG isn’t enough? What is an oil magnate or Eastern European businessman of questionably legal wealth to do? That’s where Brabus comes in. The German tuning company has been modifying Mercedes coupes and sedans since the late 1970s, and has claimed the title of “world’s fastest sedan” off and on through the years. Today, Brabus announced the forthcoming 850 6.0 Biturbo iBusiness, a 2014 S-Class boasting 850hp and 848lb-ft of torque (limited from a possible 1,069 lb-ft). You can almost hear the tortured screams from the tire rack.

While the car begins its life as an S63 AMG, Brabus quickly rips out the engine and goes to work. The 5.5L sees a displacement increase to 5.9L, and the exhaust manifold is replaced along with the twin turbochargers. Brabus units with a larger compressor are affixed, and the intakes are covered in gold because why not. The performance enhancements are able to launch the massive sedan from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, and top speed is limited to 217.

Brabus 850 iBusiness Rear

As with all Brabus cars, the mechanical underpinnings are unfortunately not the only modifications to the car. Compared to the hideous abominations pouring out from the Lorinser and Mansory factories, the body kit is far more restrained but still less than perfect. There’s a gulping air dam underneath the headlights and garish vents just behind the front wheels. Four big, stainless steel exhaust trumpets jut out the rear, but they do look far better than the rhombuses on the normal S63 AMG. It’s all pretty standard stuff for a luxury car tuner, but thankfully the exterior changes halt at that point. The interior is another story.

Brabus 850 iBusiness Rear Seats

Leather everything is the commanding principle in the greenhouse, as every non-wood touch point is covered in the stuff. The “iBusiness” moniker stems from the inclusion of a Mac Mini in the back seats so chauffeured occupants can keep up with market trends. Also included is a ceiling mounted 15.2 inch display so the Alec Baldwin scene from Glengarry Glen Ross can be looped indefinitely for some last-minute motivation.

The Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo iBusiness is set to be unveiled next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with a price that Jalopnik estimates to be around $350,000.

All photos courtesy of Brabus


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