Rumor Mill Fights for Corvette Z07 Scraps

Corvette Arist's Rendering

Terrible Paint job? Nope, this is an Artist’s Rendering

With the C7 Corvette ready to hit showrooms any day now, we are now at the point in the news cycle when it is time to start speculating about the inevitable high performance variant to slot above the base 455hp model. The outgoing Z06 produced 75 more horses than the standard C6, while the range-topping ZR1 boasted a supercharger to boost power by 110hp. So what will the hi-po C7 pack under the hood? Nobody knows anything, but that isn’t stopping reputable news sources from wildly offloading shotgun blasts of supposition into the great unknown. The wind carries rumors of a V8 (SURPRISE!) that may or may not be smaller than the C7’s common 6.2L and may or may not be mated to a hybrid engine, an electric motor, twin turbos, or a supercharger. Nobody knows anything, and everybody has a prediction! Isn’t this fun?

First up is Car and Driver, who reports that the Z07 (it has a name!) will be powered by a single- or twin-turbocharged V8 of a smaller displacement than the stock engine. Apparently it will produce 600hp because that’s a nice round number, and it will cost $100,000 because that is also easy to remember, A seven-speed stick will be the only transmission offered, because your balding uncle that likes Corvette convertibles will just got the base Stingray with an automatic anyway.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” says Autoblog. “General Motors President Mark Reuss just hinted that we shouldn’t be joking around about a hybrid V8 in the most potent of Corvettes! He said it was, and we quote: ‘really fun!'” There you have it folks: Autoblog calls Car and Driver a bunch of scheming liars who would sell their own mothers for 5 minutes behind the wheel of the new twinhybrocharged 4-6-8 Corvette Z06/7.

But wait, what’s this? GM Authority, the authority on General Motors, claims that the Z076 will keep the tradition of the earlier C5 and C6 Z06 editions and carry a higher displacement V8 than the Stingray. This flies in the face of everything we’ve known thus far, but the theory is not without merit. If there’s anything Corvette fanatics love, it’s tradition. That’s why the pushrod V8 will always be under hood and why the ‘Vette will never mount that engine in the middle of the car.

With all these different opinions, how is one able to sort through them all to find the kernel of truth? My opinion? GM Authority legitimately nails it. Transforming the C7 into a car that a driver would actually like to drive was a monumental task that Chevrolet actually pulled off, but that’s enough innovation for one product cycle, thank you very much. The C8 will get the really revolutionary engine. In the off-chance that I am wrong, then GM will go in the exact opposite direction and pull out all the stops for a twin-turbo hybrid V8 with 700hp because why not, I said so. It’s just as good a guess as anyone else is making.


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