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Bugatti Costs Volkswagen $2.3 Billion, Loses $6.25 Million on Every Veyron Sold

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

We knew that the Bugatti Veyron experiment was expensive for Volkswagen, and that the Veyron’s substantial price tag of roughly $2 million is eclipsed by the per unit cost, and now we finally know the numbers. According to an article appearing on The Economist, Volkswagen has lost a total of €1.7 billion ($2.3 billion) on the hypercar manufacturer, and each Veyron sold nets a loss of €4,617,500 ($6.25 million). Thanks to Jalopnik for the scoop.

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Mint Ford GT Crosses the Auction Block This Weekend at Barrett-Jackson

This is one of the coolest cars crossing the auction block this weekend at the Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction in Las Vegas. It’s a 2005 Ford GT (a car that I absolutely love) with only 58 miles on the odometer. The supercar is completely mint, and I can’t wait to see how much it goes for on the block.



Nightmare Garage: Lexus SC 430

Lexus SC430

Lexus SC 430, shown here attempting to increase its driver’s chance of developing skin cancer.

There is a special point in the Nightmare Garage past which gravity collapses upon itself and no light can penetrate or escape. It is all-encompassing nothingness, Dante’s undiscovered Tenth Circle of Hell where one car floats in the void, mercifully divorced from the road for time immemorial. That hovering mass will be remembered for eternity as one of the greatest automotive failures that mankind ever accomplished. It was humanity’s most terrifying achievement, eclipsing even the mighty atomic bomb in terms of mass devastation. You cannot see it in The Darkness, but you can run your hands over its dumpy jellybean shape and realize that you are touching the abomination that is the Lexus SC 430.

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[VIDEO] Mark Webber Almost Taken Out by Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg at Singapore GP

Alonso Webber Singapore 2013 Screengrab

At the Singapore Grand Prix last Sunday, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso were both handed down punishments from the FIA after Alonso gave Webber a ride back to pit lane following Webber’s retirement on the final lap. Both were reprimanded, as Alonso stopped in the middle of a turn to pick up Webber, who ran onto the track to be collected by the Ferrari driver, who finished second in the race. Seeing as how it is Webber’s third reprimand of the season, the Red Bull driver will be subject to a 10 spot grid penalty in the Korean Grand Prix. CCTV video from the track shows just how close both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg came to striking Webber as he hitched a ride with Alonso.

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Alfa Romeo 4C Release Info: Sports Car Will Return in Q2 2014 at a Price of $54,000

Alfa Romeo 4C Mountains

The hilariously beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C that is expected to reboot the Italian brand in America has finally been given a release schedule and price: Road & Track has confirmed that the midengined sports car will be coming to our shores in Q2 2014 and will start at $54,000. That means the miniscule two seater rings in close to the price of its nearest competitor, the Porsche Cayman, and is significantly more expensive than other open-air heavy hitters like the Mercedes SLK and BMW Z4. With 240hp, the 4C’s engine is either equal to or slightly less powerful than the motors powering the seasoned veterans from Germany. So what makes the 4C worth the purchase if it is less potent and less renowned than its contemporaries? At only 2,200lbs, the 4C makes those other coupes and roadsters look like they were caught in the middle of a hot dog eating contest. With a chassis nearly made entirely of carbon fiber, the 4C is certainly not a midlife crisismobile for accountants and realtors. It is made for attacking corners with reckless abandon as onlookers gawk with seemingly detached jaws. It is a Lotus Exige that can actually be driven on the road.

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Sebastian Vettel Snoozes His Way to Victory at Nighttime Singapore Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

Another Formula 1 Grand Prix means another commanding Sebastian Vettel victory, this time at the Singapore GP, where he left Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen, and every other driver in the dust for the third race in a row. The German started in pole position, led the entire race, and finished 30 seconds ahead of the second place Alonso. Barring some sort of catastrophic incident, a Vettel victory in 2013 is all but guaranteed. Second and third place are still up for grabs, however, as Alonso, Hamilton, and Räikkönen are separated by only 40 points combined.

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Caterham’s Fantastic Aeroseven Concept Will (Probably) Make it to Production in 2014

Caterham Aeroseven Front 34

Say what you will about Caterham’s F1 team (you won’t hurt their feelings, they have heard it all before), the car division has long been a substantial purveyor of stripped out sports cars for hardcore enthusiasts. The company primarily builds the Caterham 7, itself based on the old Lotus 7 from the 1950s. Every fifth September, Caterham hires 4 designers from Surrey to develop a concept car that won’t go into production, but this year Caterham promises that the Aeroseven concept will actually be manufactured and sold next fall. The yellow and green livery is reminiscent of the Aston Martin CC100 concept from a few months ago, but this one will actually know the joy of being driven.

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