The Commuter Cars Tango T600 is the Most Batshit Insane Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Tango T600 Exterior

What is the most ridiculous street legal car in existence? The Pagani Huayra? The 267mph Bugatti Veyron Super Sport? How about the Formula Ford? All are completely unhinged in their own way, but the Commuter Cars Tango T600 is by far the most batshit crazy car ever conceived by someone older than 10. Imagine an electric microcar weighing 3,200lbs that is thin enough to legally share lanes with other drivers for the cost of a Maserati Gran Turismo. Doesn’t sound appealing? Here’s the kicker: the T600 is powered by an 805hp motor that sends an astronomical 3,000lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. It’s a smart fortwo designed by an amphetamine-addled Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. And if you are mentally unstable and have $200,000 to blow, you can order one right now. Oh, and set aside some cash for a mechanic, as the T600 ships only “nearly” assembled.

The unreasonable amount of power developed by the batteries is just one of the odd components of the T600 supercar. There are two doors for this car despite the fact that there is only one front row occupant. Both seats are Sparco racing buckets with 4-point harnesses to keep passengers in place as the car launches from 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, or through the quarter mile in 12. Unless the battery is limited to how much torque it can produce at low speeds, the entire 3,000lb-ft of torque is theoretically available any time.

Tango T600 Interior

The T600 looks like it would be blown over by a strong crosswind, but because 1,300lbs of battery and additional ballast are mounted just off the ground, the car is claimed to have as much rollover potential as a Porsche 911. The carbon fiber body contributes only 25lbs to the total weight of the car, according to Jalopnik, meaning that a lot of the car’s weight is mounted in such a way to keep it from sailing into the air. The vehicle cell is also supported by an FIA-certified roll cage in case the T600 goes horizontal.

All of this adds up to the most insane car ever produced. Some would argue that the AC Cobra 427, Lamborghini Countach, or Dodge Viper are all contenders for that dubious honor. But the award is rightly given to Commuter Cars for the T600 microcar with the electrified heart of a maniac.


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