Cadillac Puts Other Luxury Carmakers on Notice With Stunning Elmiraj Concept

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

There have been very few missteps for Cadillac’s concept cars since the advent of the brand’s “Art and Science” theme previewed by the Evoq concept of 1999. The Evoq not only inspired the creation of the midsize CTS that reinvented Cadillac as a 21st century brand, but also formed the basis of the eventual XLR hardtop convertible. Aside from the hideous Urban Luxury Concept, Cadillac is unusually gifted in producing concept cars that people desire to buy. The new Elmiraj continues that trend, and even though it is a large luxocoupe in the vein of the El Dorados of old, the A&D language combined with the long hood and cab back design give it a presence that most current production cars couldn’t dream of achieving. The Mercedes CL and BMW 6 Series look positively dowdy compared to the Elmiraj, with its arrow-sharp creases and a matching headlight/taillight package that bends at a near-90° angle. Aside from the hilarious outsize rims and tires that just miss scraping the wheel well, the Elmiraj looks perfect. If the concept actually inspires a future production model, Cadillac may use it to usher in an even more futuristic brand-spanning exterior treatment than Art and Design has mustered thus far.

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Fortunately, every modern Cadillac that has been previewed by a concept remains true to the original form. The Converj is a dead ringer for the upcoming ELR, while the first and second generation SRX remained faithful to the Vizon and Provoq concepts. There are plenty of Cadillacs, like the Sixteen and Ciel, that never see the inside of a showroom, but hopefully that will not be the case with the Elmiraj. The gorgeous sheetmetal isn’t the only lustworthy aspect of the coupe, however, as the cockpit and engine bay are full of surprises.


The seats bear a remarkable similarity to the Ferrari Daytona-style cushions, and the Elmiraj carries buckets all around. The seats look enormously comfortable, but are an odd choice given that the Elmiraj seems more of a GT than a sports car. Everything else on the inside from the dash to the instrument panel and infotainment controller is strikingly alien. The interior provides anorganic feel that is counterbalanced by the sharp, hard edges of the body panels.


A 4.5L twin-turbo V8 pumps out an estimated 500hp through the rear wheels, although the rest of the powertrain is a mystery. Whether or not Cadillac will actually create a production version is undecided, but the success of large luxury coupes like the previously mentioned CL and 6 Series proves that the market exists. All Cadillac has to do is create a similar sedan to carry sales, and the the Elmiraj could see the light of day.

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept


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