Infiniti G37 to Stick Around Until 2016, Will Be Sold Alongside Its Successor

2013 Infiniti G Line Sedan

The words “inexpensive” and “luxury” are rarely seen together, unless you’re perusing one of those weird Russian websites that promises Rolexes for $29.99 plus shipping. For those in the market for a cheap luxury car, the leather-encrusted Civic that is the Acura ILX can be had for a hair under $27k, but why bother? A surprise drop in the price for the Infiniti G37 may make the sports sedan truly an inexpensive luxury car, and anybody looking at a fully loaded midsize sedan may find the G37 suddenly within their range. As Infiniti switches over to an all Q-branded lineup, the G37 sedan will inexplicably soldier on through MY 2015. Instead of buying the new model however, why not enjoy the old car’s $5,000 price drop to $32,550? A brand new, sporty Japanese saloon with 328hp sent through the rear tires can be had for the price of a fully loaded GTI. What’s not to love?

The move to retain the G37 is interesting from a branding and product mix standpoint. Infiniti has chosen to do something that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before: a outdated car that is scheduled to be replaced moves downmarket and becomes the company’s entry level offering. Instead of using the gutless 2.5l V6 as the base engine, Infiniti is just bringing in the old model and dropping the price floor.  It’s quite possible that Infiniti is sitting on unsold G37 sedans (although competent in its own right, the sports sedan wars generally tip in favor of the Germans), and cutting the entry point is going to make for one hell of a bargain for Infiniti. I would be blown away if other automakers didn’t follow suit.

The Q50 officially goes on sale this week, and the price change for the G37 is effective immediately. The G37 Journey starts at $32,550, while the Touring clocks in at $34,150. The incoming Q50 begins at $36,700. Prices do not include destination fees.

All photos courtesy of Infiniti


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