Chris Harris Takes the Morgan 3 Wheeler and Caterham 7 Out for a Spin

Morgan 3 Wheeler Chris Harris

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is cool. Absolutely cool. If Matt Smith’s Doctor drove a car, it would be the Morgan, and he would have the golden trifecta of fez, bow tie, and 3 Wheeler to make him the coolest guy in the universe. Chris Harris is also cool. Harris does a fantastic job testing Porsche 918 Spyders and Mercedes SLS Electric Drives long before anybody else has the opportunity. Join the two, and Harris gives his impressions on a car that he says, “…deconstructs driving as we know it, and offers a completely different set of solutions.” He discovers that the 3 Wheeler isn’t flawless, especially as speed increases, but he realizes that bombing down the side of a hill isn’t what the the was made for anyway. In the following feature, he also reviews the Caterham 7, an open-air sports car that is down on creature comforts but excels in the corners.


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About Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers is the founder and lead writer at Downshift Autos, the only automotive blog on the Internet*. Born in the back of an AMC Gremlin, Cameron vowed to never let this extraordinarily embarrassing detail define him, so help him God. He drives a GTI but absolutely will not shut up about it if somebody asks. He will not hesitate to let people know that no, they shouldn't get a Porsche 911 when a Morgan 3 Wheeler is so obviously the superior choice. He is obsessed with the seats of a Carrera GT and the steering wheel of a Fisker Karma. He once sat in the driver's seat of a Tesla Model S, his greatest accomplishment to date. He is just now realizing that writing an autobiography, however miniscule, in the third person is odd and unnerving. *As of this writing, Cameron has been informed that there are, in fact, many websites and blogs centered around cars and car culture. He regrets his grievous error.

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