Aston Martins Are Likely to be Powered by AMG in the Future

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Front

Aston Martins will soon be powered by a new family of engines after its contract with current supplier Ford expires at the end of this year. Ongoing negotiations with AMG have resulted in Aston drawing up a Letter of Intent that looks to tap the high-performance Mercedes division for motors going forward. Mentioned specifically in the press release is Aston’s interest in “bespoke V8 engines,” a crucial component for the small sports car manufacturer. Currently, the V8 in the Vantage is a custom version of a Jaguar V8 that debuted in 1996, while the V12 is a pair of Ford Duratec V6s strapped together; it has drive range-topping Astons since it first appeared in the 1999 DB7 Vantage.

The development of new Aston Martin engines is great news for future buyers. While the sheetmetal of current Aston sports cars is second to none, the same cannot be said of the powerplants lying under the hood. The cars are famously underpowered is comparison to cars from Aston’s competition in Maranello, Modena, Stuttgart, and Sant’Agata Bolognese, and even if Astons from 2014 onwards were to be driven by AMG’s current offerings, they would all be more powerful than the Ford motors. Aston Martins are notorious for suffering from extremely poor resale value, and much of it may stem from relatively lackadaisical performance. Even the Mercedes C63 AMG sedan that rings in at roughly half the cost of the V8 Vantage packs a slightly faster 0-60 time. The Merc isn’t clad in the jaw-dropping, beautiful curves that define the Aston, but it’s hard to argue for the coupe from Warwickshire from a value perspective.

Buying AMG engines as a replacement for the Ford units can only secure Aston’s place in the extremely competitive supercar and high performance GT market. AMG also supplies Italian automaker Pagani with a V12 for use in its Huayra hypercar.


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    I like your website. Your taste in cars eerily matches mine.

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