Mercedes Launches CLA Configurator, If You’re Into that Sort of Thing

Mercedes CLA

Photo courtesy of Mercedes

Mercedes is banking on the success of the upcoming CLA, the first front-wheel drive car to ever wear the 3-pointed star here in the States. It looks fine, if a bit dull, and the “four-door coupe” will undercut the C-Class, today’s most reasonable Merc, by about $6,000. That’s at the starting price, however, and as today’s unveiling of the CLA Configurator has shown us, checking every box on the options list can bring in within spitting distance of the E-Class.

To me, the CLA250 isn’t all that interesting. Yeah, it’s got a turbo-4 with 200ish horsepower and starts at $31K, but for that money, why not get a fully loaded GTI and actually have fun? Merc will probably sell a ton to people who want to be part of the brand, which is good news for us, as it’ll be easy to spot image-obsessed yuppies from a mile away, making them easier to avoid in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities where these will inevitably sell in vast quantities.

Click on the CLA Configurator if you’d like to see a non-Porsche increase its price by 2/3 by just looking at the pricing menu.


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