A Variety of Engines are Planned for the Morgan 3 Wheeler, But Does That Make Sense?

Morgan 3 Wheeler Front

The hilariously awesome Morgan 3 Wheeler is expected to receive some new engines under the hood, according to a report by Autocar. The small British automaker has said that sales of its odd sports car outsell the higher priced Plus 8 and Aero by a margin of 4:1.  Because of the high level of interest in Morgan’s nontraditional car, the company is exploring a range of engines and possibly alternative body styles for the 3 Wheeler. Shifting the entire lineup to a standard chassis for all models is also being considered.

While the single chassis makes sense for an automaker with a limited number of offerings, I’m not sure that multiple engines for the 3 Wheeler does. The demand for the car is high due to a number of reasons, not the least of which is scarcity. Morgan is understandably attracting younger buyers since the 3 Wheeler was first introduced, and Morgan seems to already be maxed out in production of the car to push it to consumers.

All Morgan has to do at this point is sit back and collect checks. Adding additional motors introduces more complexity into the manufacturing process,  from negotiating with suppliers to construction, and the marketing that goes with it. Automakers introduce new engines when sales are waning to drum up interest, or do so to appeal to a different set of customers. In the case of the 3 Wheeler, everyone who wants one will get one eventually, and maybe Morgan can introduce something down the line when the novelty of a quick three-wheeled car loses its shine. They could also take a page from Nissan’s playbook and introduced a slightly revised version every year to make every new 3 Wheeler the best one yet. Besides, how much power can be reasonably pushed through the single rear tire?


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