Tesla’s Possible Battle in New York on Ice For Now; North Carolina Throws Out Similar Bill

Tesla Model S

As an addendum to the story regarding dealerships attempting to block Tesla sales in different states across America: a possible battle in New York has stalled for now. Earlier this month, a couple of bills were introduced in the state Senate and Assembly that would have made it illegal to register cars purchased directly from the manufacturer. Tesla is the only major automaker that engages in such sales, so the bills seemed to directly target the EV manufacturer. The legislature ended the 2013 session today without considering the bill, and will not be able to pick it up again until January at the earliest.

The bill was supported by the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, just like the respective Dealers Associations in other states. The associations argue that dealer networks are needed to stock cars to suit local tastes, and to service customers’ maintenance requests. If that explanation was the only motive, then it shouldn’t have any bearing on what Tesla does. The most likely reason for their apprehension and nervousness is the precedent that Tesla will set. After all, if an automaker could be extremely successful by selling cars directly to customers, why wouldn’t others follow suit and cut out the middleman?

A possible fight in North Carolina has also been shut down after a House Committee threw out a similar bill.


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One response to “Tesla’s Possible Battle in New York on Ice For Now; North Carolina Throws Out Similar Bill”

  1. Mike Carr says :

    Again its just another example of dealers not facing up to the reality of the modern marketplace and its not like teslas sell in enough numbers anyway to justify their own dealer network!

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