Prices for 2014 Cadillac CTS, BMW 4 Series, Merc CLA45, and Audi SQ5 Are All Here

A slew of pricing info for new luxury cars has finally been released, and new versions of the Cadillac CTS and BMW 4 Series (née 3 Series Coupe) have moved significantly upmarket both in terms of cost and new interior and exterior appointments. The high performance variants of the upcoming Mercedes CLA Class and Audi’s Q5 CUV will cost roughly 150% of their entry-level brethren. Full pricing is below.

2014 Cadillac CTS

The big news is in Cadillac’s corner, as the new 2014 CTS will be more evenly matched price-wise with its German competition. Since its inception, the CTS’ selling point has been offering a midsize luxury sedan at the price point of a compact one. Since the arrival of the smaller (and less expensive) ATS, however, Caddy is bumping up the price of the larger car by a whopping $7,000, to $46,025. Although the 3.0L V6 base is exchanged for the 2.0L turbo-4 from the midrange ATS, power only increases by 2hp compared to the old block, although torque output is raised by 37 lb-ft. The midrange 3.6L V6 is a carryover, but also gets a slight power bump to 321hp. New for this model is the Vsport twin-turbo V6 that will produce 420hp, and will sit at the top of the CTS heap (a proper CTS-V sport sedan has not yet been announced). Prices for the king begin at just under $60k, or $4,500 less than the current gen CTS-V, which is driven by a stomping 556hp supercharged V8. If it were my money and I were in the market for a rocket sled from Detroit, I’d forgo the newness of the upcoming model and go with the outgoing V. We first previewed the 2014 CTS in March, and the Vsport engine about a week earlier.

BMW 4-Series

While hardcore BMW fans are still up in arms about the decision to jettison the classic 3 Series moniker for the beloved compact coupe, the boys from Bavaria are pressing on and finally bringing the two door onto the F3x platform. While the current sedan and wagon both ride on new underpinnings (F30 and F31, respectively), the current 3 series coupe rides on the old E92. That means, in addition to a new badge on the back, the 4 Series will be refreshed with the skin of the current 3 Series, strange headlight-grille bleed and all. Engines are all carryovers, and identical to the offerings in the sedan. The beginner’s 328i starts at $41,425 (about $2,500 more than the outgoing model), while the 435i, the sportiest 4 Series for now, is priced at just $2,000 more. $2k is a small price to pay for an extra 60hp (a nice, round 300hp), so pay the extra scratch and enjoy.

Mercedes CLA45 Front

With the introduction of Mercedes’ sub-$30,000 CLA, the company has left plenty of room for an AMG-ified version to slot below the current C63 AMG. So while the CLA45 AMG will still be the lowest-priced offering from Merc’s insane tuning branch, it will start at a not insignificant $48,375. For that, you get an AWD four door coupe thing with a melted rear and 360hp. As long as you can get past the unloved back end, the CLA45 will mop the floor with lesser Subarus, Mitsubishis, and VW Golf Rs. The CLA45 AMG was first previewed in March.

Audi SQ5

Last and certainly least, is Audi’s weird experiment of a “hot” CUV, the SQ5. The Squeeze, as I like to call it, is based off of the decent-looking Q5, and actually costs just $500 more than the top-of-the-line luxury version of the Q5. While the SQ5 costs $8,000 more than the standard supercharged model, it does boast an extra 90hp, making it the most powerful CUV on the market. That extra oomph under the hood translates into a 0-60mph sprint of just 5.1 seconds, but the question I posed back in January still stands: will anyone care? The Audi Q5 is good looking and all, but it’s still just a very expensive, tall wagon. If selling tarted up family cruisers means Audi can continue building R8s and maybe even the long-rumored successor to the legendary Quattro, then by all means, go for it. Few exterior differences make it the automotive equivalent of a mancave: it’s perfect for suburban dads whose choices are made by the real head of household and whose masculinity is relegated to rarely seen hideaways.


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