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Nico Rosberg Wins British Grand Prix Dominated by Exploding Tires

Rosberg Win British GP 2013

From the Mercedes F1 website

Nico Rosberg navigated an extremely difficult track and a field filled with disabled cars to win the British GP at Silverstone. For the third time this season, Mercedes dominated the front row, this time with Lewis Hamilton in pole position alongside Rosberg. While Hamilton was able to hold off Sebastian Vettel, who started in third, for a few laps, Hamilton’s rear left tire disintegrated on Lap 7; Vettel then effortlessly led the GP for the majority of the race. While Hamilton was able to get back to the pits on his own accord, by the time he made it back onto the track he was dead last. Seeing Hamilton struggle to make his way back to the top was only one of the many events that made the British GP one of the best races of the season.

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A Challenge to find the Best Sub-100,000 Mile Car For Less than $5,000 Has Our Writers Predictably Ranting and Raving

Following the success of our 24 Hours of LeMons challenge, Nic and I proposed a successor to the original that began amicably but quickly became two insult-heavy rants. We had a hell of a lot of fun doing it, so a new challenge was born: Find the best sports sedan possible with under 100,000 miles on the odometer with a budget of $5,000. Nic came out of the gates swinging, and I was forced to respond in kind. The transcripts of the exchange are detailed below.

Nic: I’m going to start and stop this exchange in one round.  Behold, the opening salvo and final hammer blow in one $5,000, brick-shaped pile of Italian exotica.  You are rendered powerless in its presence…the Maserati Quattroporte.

Maserati Nics Car

You said find a ‘performance sedan’ for under $5k.  Well, I found THE performance sedan.  You also said it needed to have fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock.  If you read that ad you won’t find mention of the actual mileage, except for the seller’s caveat that, “mileage on speedometer is not accurate.”  Really, that’s just redundant – needless copy from a concerned seller in this litigious society – for the ad clearly stated that this was a 1984 Maserati Quattroporte.  No one would believe that, a) the speedo would be operational, or b) even if it were, the car could have traveled more than 100,000 miles.

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A Variety of Engines are Planned for the Morgan 3 Wheeler, But Does That Make Sense?

Morgan 3 Wheeler Front

The hilariously awesome Morgan 3 Wheeler is expected to receive some new engines under the hood, according to a report by Autocar. The small British automaker has said that sales of its odd sports car outsell the higher priced Plus 8 and Aero by a margin of 4:1.  Because of the high level of interest in Morgan’s nontraditional car, the company is exploring a range of engines and possibly alternative body styles for the 3 Wheeler. Shifting the entire lineup to a standard chassis for all models is also being considered.

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Chris Harris Tests the New MkVII GTI. Commence Drooling

Chris Harris GTI

The GTI has always been Volkswagen’s sportiest offering, and each successive iteration of the hatchback whose life began in 1976 is hailed as the best combination of handling, practicality, and value on the market. The 2015 MkVII is bigger than the outgoing model, but will also be 100lbs lighter than the MkVI, and an extra 10hp is squeezed from the evolving 2.0L turbo-4 (an additional 10hp is available in the optional Performance package). The car is already on sale in the UK as the Golf GTI, and that means: review time! As usual, Chris Harris does a great job putting the GTI through its paces on a public road (because most owners and prospective buyers won’t take one to the track).

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Mark Webber Will Leave Formula 1 and Join New Porsche Le Mans Team for 2014

Mark Webber


In a move surprising absolutely nobody following Formula 1 this season, Mark Webber has announced he will be leaving F1 in favor of Porsche’s new LMP1 Le Mans team; he will spend 2014 competing in the World Endurance Championship (where the 24 Hours of Le Mans is just one of the eight stamina-challenging races). The notice comes after months of speculation about Webber’s future at the Red Bull F1 team, ignited by teammate Sebastian Vettel’s overtaking of Webber at this year’s Malaysian Grand Prix against team orders.

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Tesla’s Possible Battle in New York on Ice For Now; North Carolina Throws Out Similar Bill

Tesla Model S

As an addendum to the story regarding dealerships attempting to block Tesla sales in different states across America: a possible battle in New York has stalled for now. Earlier this month, a couple of bills were introduced in the state Senate and Assembly that would have made it illegal to register cars purchased directly from the manufacturer. Tesla is the only major automaker that engages in such sales, so the bills seemed to directly target the EV manufacturer. The legislature ended the 2013 session today without considering the bill, and will not be able to pick it up again until January at the earliest.

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A Flying Ferrari F12, Powersliding Limos, and Dumpster Stig Are All On Tap For Top Gear Season 20

Top Gear Season 20 Promo

A trailer for Season 20 of Top Gear was just released, two weeks before its July 8th premier on BBC America (June 30th for viewers in the UK and torrenters who don’t prefer the circumcised US broadcast). The 30 second teaser shows Jeremy Clarkson catching air in a Ferrari F12berlinetta, Richard Hammond in a limo race that sends a taxi crashing through a fortunately placed trailer, and James May in an Oracle racing sailboat.

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