Auction of the Day: Taylor Aerocar

Taylor Aerocar

The Taylor Aerocar, from Jameslist

Remember the story a couple weeks back about a company called Terrafugia that is expected to produce a real flying car by 2015? We hope they can, at least, because we are sick and tired of having different vehicles for land and air travel. But if you don’t want to risk the cash on a security deposit, why not go out and buy your own flying car right now? Impossible, you say? Well sir (or, less likely, madam), allow me to prove you wrong, for you likely do not have the stuffed bank account needed to even view the almighty Jameslist. If you had, you would have found the Taylor Aerocar, a fully functional car/plane hybrid, and it was first created nearly 60 years ago.

While the Aerocar certainly looks like something a teenager on Ambien would draw after hours of fevered, impotent brainstorming, the Aerocar was actually designed by Moulton Taylor in the late ’40s. As the old Wikipedia legend goes, he was inspired by another hybrid designer, improved upon the original plans, and built six of these little guys. There’s a little assembly required to make the switch from roadgoing car to plane, but it all snaps together relatively quickly. The Aerocar has a maximum velocity of just under the speed limit on highways in the great state of California, and an airborne speed of 110mph.

You’re getting a deal here, too, folks, because the Aerocar costs only $975,000! If that’s a little hard for you to swallow, consider that the same car has had a For Sale sign in its window since 2011, when it was originally listed at $1.25 million. I’m saving you money left and right, folks. Just remember me, all stuck to the ground by myself, when you buy it. I wouldn’t mind going for a SPIN myself! Get it? Because the propellers…


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