Thousands of Owner’s Manuals Available For Free at Just Give Me the Damn Manual

Thousands of owner’s manuals from the most popular automakers have been uploaded to Just Give Me the Damn Manual, a valuable resource for anybody with a lost book(let) or for those who prefer the convenience of CTRL + F. The choices skew toward newer cars, with the oldest manuals starting in the 1993 model year. Not all popular brands are represented (there are no German or Italian marques, for example), but the site requires no registration and sports no ads, so if you have something to complain about, it’s probably because you’re a greedy bastard.


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About Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers is the founder and lead writer at Downshift Autos, the only automotive blog on the Internet*. Born in the back of an AMC Gremlin, Cameron vowed to never let this extraordinarily embarrassing detail define him, so help him God. He drives a GTI but absolutely will not shut up about it if somebody asks. He will not hesitate to let people know that no, they shouldn't get a Porsche 911 when a Morgan 3 Wheeler is so obviously the superior choice. He is obsessed with the seats of a Carrera GT and the steering wheel of a Fisker Karma. He once sat in the driver's seat of a Tesla Model S, his greatest accomplishment to date. He is just now realizing that writing an autobiography, however miniscule, in the third person is odd and unnerving. *As of this writing, Cameron has been informed that there are, in fact, many websites and blogs centered around cars and car culture. He regrets his grievous error.

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