Volvo S60 Polestar Will be Built, But Only Sold in Australia (For Now)

Polestar S60

Autoblog reports that Volvo will indeed produce the ridiculous 508hp S60 that was unveiled last year as a concept, but it will only be for a limited run, and it can only be bought in Australia. The car’s honking horsepower will help it fit in just nicely in the land of V8 Supercars, Holdens, sport utes, and the barren outback that accounts for the vast majority of the continent’s land area.

Autoblog also reports that in its production form, the Polestar S60 will be slightly detuned compared to the concept, but hopefully it’s not by much. In its current form, the concept is more powerful than its German competition and is faster to 60mph than all except the Mercedes C63 Coupe (the Cadillac CTS-V beats all, but it is positioned in the marketplace to take on midsize rather than compact cars).

So far, six Polestars have been sold for £200,000 apiece, but the price would obviously have to be cut by at least 2/3 to stay in the same price range as its alternatives. Price savings will likely come from the aforementioned detuning and less intense powertrain components, but Polestar may want to also create a less powerful production model as a way of preserving the value of the early adopters.

Aside from a teaser on Polestar’s website, neither Volvo nor Polestar have announced pricing, release date, powertrain, or other specifications. It is not clear whether a sales success would mean enhanced production, but one can hope…

Volvo S60 Polestar Teaser


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