Acura Pulls Wraps Off New Acura NSX Concept, Still Years Away

(Jan 2013) Detroit, MI North American International Auto Show

Acura has again shown a new NSX concept car, and will be closer to the final production model than the first concept from last year’s NAIAS or the roadster from last year’s The Avengers. The new design looks like it’s almost ready to hit the showroom floor before some exterior elements, especially the wheels and flying buttresses surrounding the rear windows, are inevitably softened or axed.

This is, however, the first time the interior of the car has been shown. Glossy carbon fiber accents contrasting black and red leather surfaces and gray Alcantara. The color combination is pure concept, but it effectively highlights each compartment and trim piece. The transmission selector buttons are all different shapes, and are located in the center stack that extends all the way rearward to separate driver and passenger. Note to Aston Martin: this is how you do push-button transmissions.

The flat-bottomed steering wheel is nearly free of buttons, save for a couple used,presumably, for navigating the information screens that the third button likely selects. Paddle shifters are standard, as they are in every car that costs more than $30,000. The entire steering wheel unit looks beautiful but angular, and more likely than not, will be modified before the NSX actually goes on sale. The leather and Alcantara bucket seats appear to be comfortable and have a good deal of lateral and thigh support for drivers with lead feet. The infotainment screen is nicely integrated, but appears to be too reflective in the interior shots. This will be a problem in parts of the world where the sun shines 12 months a year. Didn’t Tony Stark voice concerns while driving through Malibu?

The exterior has undergone a bit of a change, too. The wheels and tires appear to be smaller than in the first iteration, but are still too large for a final production car. The grille still retains Acura’s much-maligned chrome bucktoothed smile, but the effect is minimized compared to the old one. Speaking of the front end, the entire intake area is a little too large; I understand this is a conscious decision to emphasize the car’s width, but it also makes the NSX look a little fat when viewed head-on. There are new vents above the rear wheels to maximize downforce in the back without resorting to a drag-inducing wing.

We already know that a V6 and three electric motors will provide power to all four wheels, although specifics like engine displacement and horsepower figures have not yet been released and won’t be until a final design, price, and release date have been squared away. As it stands, the new NSX will remain “a few years away” like it has been for some time now. We will provide more information as it becomes available for the most exciting Acura in years.

A full gallery of the NSX, including interior shots, can be found on Jalopnik.


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