The Best Cars at Barrett-Jackson: Tuesday and Wednesday

Since 2010, the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction has been held four times per year, in Arizona, Las Vegas, California, and Florida. This year’s round of auctions starts this week in Scottsdale, AZ, and as usual, the event will be broadcast by SPEED Channel through Sunday. Hundreds of cars will be auctioned off over the next week, so we’ve sifted through the offerings and picked out the really cool stuff. Here are the coolest cars on sale today and Wednesday:

[*Sell price includes buyer’s fees]


#38 – 1941 Bantam Riviera (Sold for $36,300)


American Bantam was born out of the ashes of the American Austin Car Company in 1935, and produced only about 6,000 cars in its short life span. The Riviera pictured here is a rare convertible that also comes with a Landau hardtop and a four-speed manual. The convertible was made between 1940-41, and the car up for auction once belonged to the president of the Bantam club, so it was likely well-kept. It probably won’t light up the auction block, but it’s great to see a very rare piece of American auto history early on in the week.

#84 – 1937 La Salle Sedan (Sold for $40,700)


La Salle was a General Motors subsidiary created in 1927 to slot between Buick and the high-priced Cadillac brand. The 1937 Sedan was closely related to the Cadillac Series 60 and 65 in body style, and shared a 125hp 5.3L V8 with the 60; the La Salle truly was a Cadillac at a bargain price. The model offered in Scottsdale is light green with a three-speed manual and looks well kept, inside and out.

#94 – Custom BMW Isetta (Sold for $40,700)

BMW Isetta

To label the BMW Isetta “quirky” would be an understatement. It is a tiny two-seater with a front-hinged door to which the steering wheel is affixed; a single-cylinder motorcycle  engine is stuffed in the rear of the car. This particular example is a convertible (!), has a luggage rack on the back, and is decked out to look like a cab.


#314 – Motorized Yellow Submarine (Sold for $2,200)

Yellow Submarine

I have no information on this thing other than what is provided in the description. It’s a Yellow Submarine from the Beatles film, with a motor and steering wheel. If there was any justice in the world, it would go for seven figures.

#363 – 1966 Fiat 850TC (Sold for $17,600)


The 850TC is an Abarth-tuned version of the tiny Fiat 600 city car. Carlo Abarth and his team of engineers took the base 767 cc engine and increased the bore and stroke to 847 (the 850TC on sale here has been enlarged again to 903 cc). In its original configuration, Abarth’s little monster developed between 52 and 57hp, more than twice the power output of the original Fiat 600. Classic Abarths can go for a pretty penny, so keep an eye on this one when it goes up on the block.

#462 – 1924 Ford Model T Depot Hack (Sold for $25,300)

Depot Hack

The Model T may just be the most famous automobile ever created. It was created using Henry Ford’s now-ubiquitous method of mass production, the assembly line. The assembly line slashed the cost of making cars, and in turn, made the Model T the world’s first affordable car. The 1922 Model T was an updated version of the same car that had been on sale since 1912. The Depot Hack is a modified version of the Model T with three row bench seating. Although it’s 90 years old, because there were so many Model Ts produced, asking prices are not high. It isn’t a daily driver, but the Depot Hack will surely draw stares when it is taken out.

#497 – 1968 Motion Performance Maco Shark Corvette (Sold for $55,000)


Back in the mid 1960s, General Motors began drawing up  ideas for the next Corvette (C3). The main inspiration on the final design was the 1965 Mako Shark II concept, a radical, beautiful design with exaggerated fenders and arrow-pointed front end. When it came time to make the road-going version, the Mako was softened, as concepts are wont to do on their way to showroom floors. Some people, like John Silva, preferred the Mako concept to the final production version, and, with the help of Joel Rosen, produced a body kit for the C3 that he called the Maco. The car on sale Wednesday is a 1968 model with this body kit, and a 427ci V8 with 390hp.

#514 – 1968 Shelby Cobra GT-500KR (Sold for $108,900)

T500 KR

The GT500-KR is the ultimate edition of the first and most beloved Mustang ever. It is based on the fastback version of the first-generation best-selling Mustang, and its 302ci V8is underrated at 335hp. Well-preserved examples regularly sell for more then $100,000, but this one is stocked with an automatic transmission, which will hurt the value just a bit.


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